We provide the following services to you who want to be a franchisee of japanese restaurant !!


We have carefully selected our business partners, locations,and contents of contract for excellent outcome of the business and five parties banefit.

  • Partner Selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • Fasillitate the meeting between you and your partner
  • Determination of contract terms
  • Contract creation
  • Site selection
  • Property development
  • Trademark Registration

②Business development

We have conducted effective market research and found out a demand for our products.

  • Implementation of market research
  • Development of a PR plan for the store opening
  • Make advertisement
  • Selection of export food suppliers
  • Selection of local food suppliers 



③Store development

Our support team always willing to assist you on the basic of operation,quality,and service assurance.

  • Plannning a campaign
  • Menu Development
  • Interior design and layout
  • Design management
  • Store opening project management
  • Store quality checks after opening
  • Staff Trainning



Ⅱ.Our Strong Point

Japan Food Culture is a subsidiary of Basic inc. which is " Specialized Web Marketing " company.

Basic inc. provide specialized marketing method "Ferret" and nation's 1st franchise portal site"fraichise HIKAKU net" .

The "Franchise HIKAKU net" strongly attract guests by operating the largest franchise matching in Japan.     

                  https://ferret-plus.com/                       https://www.fc-hikaku.net/

①No.1 franchise portal site

"franchise HIKAKU net"

      Strong connection with numerous japanese franchiser

through the nation's 1st franchise portal site"franchise HIKAKU net".

②Web Marketing know-how to attract

customers to restaurant.

        We got more than 35,000 fans on Facebook

in opening year 2014 in  Singapore.

③Our experience

       We opened 21 restaurants in 4 countries for 4 years.

And we have directly managed a shop in Singapore.
      We provide infrastructure such as Food supplier,

shop designer,constructor,and more

based on our experience.

④Connection with numerous

japanese corporations


       We operate "Franchise expo" 8 times a year in Japan.

We are confident to be your best partner for your new

"Japanese franchise business".

5 Parties Benefit

1. Overseas Business Partners:

Benefit from new business model

2. Overseas Consumers:

Benefit from access to authentic Japanese food

3. Japanese Franchise Owners:

Benefit from overseas business expansion

4. Employees:

Benefit from experience in overseas business

5. JFC :

Benefit from business opportunities

Do you like Japanese food? Are you interested in Japan? Do you like to offer customer service? Are you ready to join fast growing business?

If YES, let us help to find Japanese franchiser, the best for you!!

Japan Food Culture Pte Ltd. Address: Singapore Office: 137 Telok Ayer Street #05-07, Singapore 068602  Tokyo Office: 17-6 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0082 Telephone:(+81) 03-6869-5994 (Japan)