Ⅰ.Company Profile

  • Established        
    July 2012
  • Locations          
    137 Telok Ayer Street #05-07,SINGAPORE(068906)
  • Capital
    SGD 650,000(JPY 5.2million )
  • Representative
    Akihiko Koga
  • Shop                  
    10 outlets(1 in Singapore,7 in Taiwan,1 in Indonesia,1 in Vietnam)
  • Business            
    Support Japanese Franchisors to expand their business abroad. 
    Takes a role as Area Master Franchisor and helps to find solutions
    for Japanese franchising companies to expand their business in foreign
  • Staff                  
    4(3 Japanese ,1 Singaporian)
  • Vision                
    Provide "Real Japanese Food Culture" to the world!!
  • Mission              
    Introduce 1,000 japanese outlets in the world.
  • Value                  
    Serving tasty,safety and healthy food
    "Sanpo-yoshi" Do good for customer,society and us
    Highly ethical,highly profitable.

Ⅱ.Director profile

C.E.O. Akihiko Koga

He became a MD of Japan Food Culture Pte.,Ltd. which was founded to help japanese franchisors to expand their business abroad.

He started his career in financial industry and continued his work in the same industry for 13 years.

In 2008, he started working at Basic Inc., which is internet marketing company and also Japan Food Culture’s parent company, and engaged in business of matching franchisor and franchisee through a website in Japan.

In July 2012,he became a C.E.O. of Japan Food Culture.


Based on our mission "Real Japanese taste, to the world".

We are expanding our franchise matching business in 4 countries, in Singapore, Taiwan, VIetnam and Indonesia.

We are forcasing on our 2 strength, Numerous connection with Japanese franchiser and Web marketing to attract customers to our restaurant.

I am sure we are the best partner for you if you think expanding your business with using Japanese franchise business.

Your Best Partner, Japan Food Culture Pte.,Ltd.

Japan Food Culture Pte Ltd. Address: Singapore Office: 137 Telok Ayer Street #05-07, Singapore 068602  Tokyo Office: 17-6 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0082 Telephone:(+81) 03-6869-5994 (Japan)